County of Renfrew Licensed Home Child Care

545 Pembroke Street West
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 5P2
Telephone: (613) 732-4100
Telephone 2: (613) 732-4437
Email Address:

Age Group

Number of Licensed Spaces Day Care Fee Paying Rates


Licensed for 25 Homes

$62.00/day (0-6 months)
$43.00/day (6-18 months)


$50.00/10+ hours per day


$50.00/10+ hours per day


$50.00/10+ hours per day

School Age*

$50.00/10+ hours per day

$12.00 Before or After School

$24.00 Before/After School

Full Day with Late Hours $65.00/day

* Approval for 20% of children to be from the younger age group

Please contact the Day Care directly for more information about their programs